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14 Aug 2017

Boss! Is it your responsibility?

One of my main functions as an executive coach is to help my clients build high-performing teams. In our first or second session I ask my clients the following questions. If you are interested in building a high-performing team, I invite you to take a moment...

26 Jul 2017

Are You Listening

  The other day I was listening to a lecture by Professor Warren Bennis, one of the foremost gurus in the field of leadership. He was talking about the three most fatal failures of leader. Examples he used include Julius Caesar, Margaret Thatcher, Howell Raines (former...

11 Jun 2017

Becoming A Strategic Thinker

  Strategic Thinking is not the same as Strategic Planning. The latter is a formal process of developing an organization’s future business plans. Strategic Thinking is a process of thinking about a situation or a dilemma, and deciding upon a creative solution that will bring about a...

11 Jan 2017

Hanging In Mid-Air

[caption id="attachment_5136" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Me on the left[/caption]   The Boy with the Bleeding Nose I punched the little boy in the face a little harder than I intended to. He lost his balance and fell on his back, and to my horror I saw that he was...