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05 Nov 2014

Is Coffee Bad for You?

I’ve been excited about the research showing that coffee is not all that bad for us… The Science: In fact, it’s been associated with a decrease in “all cause mortality” (though, admittedly, the study had some significant flaws). But, as I tell my patients frequently, the research...

05 Nov 2014

Is Palm Oil Good For You?

I’ve been looking into the issue of palm oil used in many food products in lieu of butter or hydrogenated fats. The Science: It turns out not all palm oils are alike! High oleic palm oil has a higher portion of oleic acid (the fat found in...

29 Oct 2014

The Power Of Honey

Can honey heal your skin conditions? I have been researching the benefits of raw honey and it turns out there are many. The Science I’m going to focus here on a few of the benefits of honey when it comes to the skin. All of the research...