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The Leadership Mastery Program

Learn 18 unique skills that will help you become a highly accomplished leader.



Participants in this program will be inspired to engage, learn, and habitualize 18 essential leadership skills and behaviors.



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The program was informed by the work of leadership luminaries such as Warren Bennis, John C. Maxwell, Marshall Goldsmith, Angela Duckworth, Amy Cuddy, Anders Ericsson, and Daniel Goleman. Click here to see the complete list of references.

In the Leadership Mastery Program you will:


1. Learn 18 advanced leadership skills and behaviors;



2. Practice these skills in class and be critiqued by your co-participants and by the program leader;



3. Learn from the experiences and insights of your co-participants, and;



4. Be coached one-on-one on your most important leadership challenges and opportunities.


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The leadership skills you will learn include:

1. Execute With Excellence

1.1  Communicate With Impact

1.2  Vision, innovation, and strategic thinking

1.3  Decision making and intuition

1.4  Execute effectively and efficiently

1.5  Collaborate and negotiate

2. Two Focal Points

2.1  Hire, develop, and inspire your team

2.2  Focus on your customer

3. Leadership Qualities

3.1  Presence, self-confidence, and courage

3.2  Grit, patience, and resilience

3.3  Integrity, trust, and respect

4. Navigate With Skill

4.1  Develop your political acumen

4.2  Engage your advocates and mentors

4.3  Create your professional brand

4.4  Build your stakeholder network

5. Adopt Productive Behaviors

5.1  The habit loop

5.2  Embrace mindfulness practice

5.3  Practice visualisation 

5.4  Engage your accountability partner

You will receive:


1)  Eight 5-hour workshop sessions (total 40 hours) in which you will learn the leadership mastery skills and practice them in class. The workshops include ample discussions, practice, role playing, critiquing, and coaching.


2)  Leadership Mastery Handbook including description of the concepts, case stories, tools, and exercises sheets.


3)  Six one-on-one leadership coaching sessions to help you master your individual leadership skills.


Classes are limited to 15 people.

Cost of the Leadership Mastery Program:


The cost of the program depends on the number of participants from your organisation and on the program customizations your company may require.


We will prepare a specific proposal for your organisation once we have discussed your requirements with you.


To discuss how this program will be of value to the current and future leaders in your organization please contact us at

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