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Career Coaching

Achieving your most ambitious career goals.



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If you could achieve your dream career:

How would you find your purpose?

How would you pursue your passion?

What strength would you express?

What new skills would you build?

How would you engage your allies and advocates?

How would you maximize your market value?

How would you achieve your desired work-life balance?

Is this service for you?

If you want to achieve your most ambitious career goals, this program is for you.


If you want to transition to a new career or excel in your existing job, our career coaching program will help you meet your objectives.

How we can help:

My aim as your career coach is to help you understand the gifts you are destined to share with the world, while building acute awareness of the aspects of your career and life which you are yet to conquer.


I will help you cultivate and habitualize behaviours that are consistent with your personality, values, tangible goals, and the quality of life and career you wish to create.

The outcomes you can expect:

Naturally, the coaching outcomes will depend on what you put into it. Here are examples of what our career coaching clients had achieved:

  • Achieving your promotion goals.

  • Exceptional performance that will earn you the recognition you deserve.

  • Navigating the relationships with your boss, peers, subordinates, and other stakeholders.

  • Finding your purpose and passion.

  • Maximizing your “market value”.

Our coaching approach & duration:

Uri inspires his clients to see opportunities which they did not dare dreaming about. He then helps his clients achieve clarity on the career path that will allow them to fully express their potential.


Uri works with his clients to develop practical strategies to pursue their path, motivates them along their journey, and holds them accountable in case of lapses.


To ensure the effectiveness of the coaching program, we ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months, with optional extension to 6, 9 or 12 months. We will typically meet on the phone for one hour every week.

Please contact us for an introductory consultation!

Please contact us at:

+1 201-375-2722


What Our Clients Said:

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