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Leadership Development

“A leader is not born, but made, usually self-made”.

Warren Bennis

In his book, Wisdom For A Young CEO,
then 13 year old Douglas Barry recounted
the letters that 114 top CEOs sent him,
in answer to his question:

“What would it take for me to become a successful CEO?” 

Is this service for you?

If you want to actively engage in developing your leadership qualities, this program is for you. Below are the top 10 qualities suggested by the 114 CEOs in Barry’s book:


1. Integrity
2. Team hiring, developing, & inspiring
3. Passion
4. Life-long learning
5. Respect
6. Communication
7. Vision
8. Hard work
9. Listening
10. Taking prudent risks

How we can help:

We will work with you to assess and identify the qualities which you wish to cultivate, and implement a rigorous, science-based-plan to help you develop and fine-tune these qualities.

The outcomes you can expect:

Given your commitment and engagement you can expect the following outcomes:

  • Measurable improvement in the leadership qualities which you will decide to work on.

  • Improved awareness of your leadership presence and conduct.

  • Deeper connection with your intuition and inner wisdom.

  • Improved ability to connect with, “read”, and interact with your subordinates, peers, superiors, and other stakeholders.

Our coaching approach & duration:

Our recommended coaching approach will be tailored to your specific situation and needs, and will typically include:

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Leadership qualities assessment

  • Selection of qualities to focus on

  • Definition of progress metrics

  • Development of a plan to cultivate the desired qualities

  • On-going coaching and support in cultivating these qualities

  • Periodic progress reports and meetings

  • Go-forward strategy and plan at the end of the coaching engagement

  • Typical duration is 9 to 12 months, with two sessions per month

Please contact us for an introductory consultation!

Please contact us at:

+1 201-375-2722


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