The Will To Change | Organization Culture
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Organization Culture

The collective values, beliefs, and behaviors of an organization,
shaped over time by its leaders and people.

How does culture change?

“A powerful person at the top, or a large enough group from the organization, decides the old ways are not working, figures out a change vision, starts acting differently, and enlists others to act differently.”

John Kotter, Professor, Harvard Business School

Is this service for you?

If you want to develop or improve the beliefs, values, and behaviors of your organization, we invite you to embark on a culture transformation.


Here are some oraganizational values and behaviors you may wish to cultivate:

  • Competitiveness

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Integrity

  • Uncompromising value & quality

  • Learning

  • Openness

  • Respect for all

  • Taking ownership

How we can help:

We will work with you to assess your organization’s beliefs, values, and behaviors, and identify those you wish to cultivate.


We will then implement a structured, rigorous, and science-based program to achieve the culture you wish to create.

The outcomes you can expect:

Given openness, commitment, and engagement of your organization, you can expect the following outcomes:

  • Measurable improvements in your chosen culture qualities.

  • Increase awareness of and on-going engagement in the beliefs, values, and behaviors that are driving your team’s results.

  • Creation of an atmosphere of perpetual organizational learning and improvement.

Implementation approach & duration:

Our recommended implementation approach will be tailored to your organization’s specific situation and needs:

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Culture Assessment

  • Desired behaviors design

  • Change agents program

  • Communication program

  • Stakeholder engagement program

  • Organization structure changes

  • Reward system changes

  • Implementation planning

  • Implementation support

  • Progress assessment

Please contact us for an introductory consultation!

Please contact us at:

+1 201-375-2722


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